Season 1 of FOX comedy The Mindy Project first premiered in the US on the 25th September 2012. On March 4, 2013 it was renewed for a second season.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Mindy Lahiri is a successful, skilled doctor, but when she leaves the office, all bets are off. She aspires to become a more well-rounded woman, someone who is punctual, frugal and well-read instead of someone who is obsessed with romantic comedies and likely to give an inappropriate toast at a wedding. Despite stumbles, Mindy remains determined to get her personal and romantic life on track -- before her friends and colleagues are forced to stage an intervention -- and find her perfect happy ending.

Starring[edit | edit source]

Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri
Chris Messina as Danny Castellano
Ed Weeks as Jeremy Reed
Ike Barinholtz as Morgan Tookers
Zoe Jarman as Betsy Putch

Recurring cast[edit | edit source]

Beth Grant as Beverly Janoszewski
Anna Camp as Gwen Grandy
Amanda Setton as Shauna Dicanio
Mark Duplass as Brendan Deslaurier
Jay Duplass as Duncan Deslaurier
Tommy Dewey as Josh Daniels
Xosha Roquemore as Tamra Webb

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A number of major cast changes take place during this season:
    • Anna Camp, originally a main character, does not appear following the 12th episode and only re-appears once for the 17th episode Mindy's Birthday.
    • Amanda Setton also makes her final appearance on the series in the 12th episode.
    • Beth Grant originally guests the 2nd episode only, but returns in a recurring role from the 15th episode onwards.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

01 Pilot.png Pilot 25 September 2012
Obstetrician Mindy Lahiri's love of romantic comedies leads her into trouble when she meets fellow resident Tom and thinks he's The One. But he eventually dumps her for a younger woman and Mindy humiliates herself by making a drunken speech at his wedding. She decides to change the course of her life with mixed results.
02 Hiringandfiring.png Hiring and Firing 2 October 2012
Mindy must fire an incompetent nurse, but she and Danny argue over the appropriate replacement for the job. Beverly gets fired for confronts with Jeremy, which ends up punching Mindy in the nose, causing Beverly to able get arrested by the police for assaulting Mindy, They eventually hire a nurse Morgan Tookers after he helps Mindy with an injury.
03 103.jpeg In the Club 9 October 2012
Mindy schedules a fun night out with her co-workers, planning to hook up with a hot guy, but things don't work out as she had hoped.
04 104.jpeg Halloween 30 October 2012
Mindy frantically searches for the right costume to impress Josh when he invites her to a prestigious Halloween party. An embarrassed Danny and Jeremy both sneak out of work early to take their driving tests. Meanwhile, Mindy bumps into her ex-boyfriend Tom and ends up confiding in him about Josh.
05 105.jpeg Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist 13 November 2012
Mindy asks Danny to be her new gynaecologist, but as the time for her first physical examination approaches, neither of them will admit that they feel too uncomfortable to go ahead with the appointment. Meanwhile, Jeremy wants to retrieve his expensive watch from Mindy's flat, but he needs help from Morgan and Betsy to break in and get it.
06 106.jpeg Thanksgiving 20 November 2012
While Josh is out of town on a trip, Mindy and Morgan cook Thanksgiving dinner at Gwen's house. Mindy is surprised to find that the guest list includes her former blind date Dennis, who turns up with his new girlfriend. Danny is looking forward to spending the holiday alone at the office, while Jeremy meets Betsy's eccentric family for their seasonal gathering.
07 107.jpeg Teen Patient 27 November 2012
When Mindy encourages a teenager in her building to take things slow in the romance department, she is forced to reflect on her own relationship with Josh. Danny is concerned about an anonymous complaint he receieves at the office.
08 108.jpeg Two to One 4 December 2012
Mindy isn't getting respect from Danny and Jeremy, so she goes off to experience life as her own boss. Meanwhile, the group fights back when they discover that holistic midwives are stealing patients from Shulman & Associates.
09 109.jpeg Josh and Mindy's Christmas Party 11 December 2012
Mindy throws a Christmas party at her apartment for her colleagues, who finally get to meet Josh, but no one is more surprised than Mindy when she learns her new boyfriend's secret. Meanwhile, Jeremy doesn't find much cheer in giving out holiday bonuses.
10 110.jpeg Mindy's Brother 8 January 2013
Mindy's brother visits from college and shocks his sister with his plans to drop out of school and become a rap star. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy try to schmooze their landlord into lowering their rent for the office.
11 111.jpeg Bunk Bed 15 January 2013
Mindy's plans for a bunk bed for her goddaughter's sleepover go awry after Morgan and Danny's creation injures Gwen when it collapses. Meanwhile, Shauna and Betsy try to find out who's stealing the office's magazines, a search that yields some surprising discoveries.
12 112.jpeg Hooking Up Is Hard 22 January 2013
Mindy's attempted one-night stand with Brendan hits a snag when his brother and Morgan drop by; and Danny goes on a date with Eye Patch.
13 113.jpeg Harry & Sally 29 January 2013
Mindy is unnerved by her dream guy's relationship with his female best friend; Jillian breaks up with Danny, who enlists Morgan's help to win her back.
14 114.jpeg Harry & Mindy 5 February 2013
Mindy sets up Jaime's female best friend, Lucy, with Danny for a double date on Valentine's Day; Jeremy gives Morgan tips for picking up women on his way to a romantic rendezvous.
15 115.jpeg Mindy's Minute 19 February 2013
Mindy is offered the chance to deliver a medical report on the local TV news, and gets advice for appearing on camera from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Beverly returns to the office as an administrative assistant, but is flummoxed by modern technology and youth culture.
16 116.jpeg The One That Got Away 26 February 2013
Mindy's reunion with an old crush takes them down memory lane to the time they shared at Jewish summer camp, which just might lead to a rekindling of their adolescent romance.
17 117girls.jpeg Mindy's Birthday 19 March 2013
Mindy has a terrible birthday when her friends and coworkers accidentally screw up her party, but things go from bad to worse when she winds up in a fight with a new group of revelers she just happened to meet. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy both have their eye on Mindy's friend.
18 118.jpeg Danny's Friend 26 March 2013
Mindy's new neighbor may turn out to be Josh's ex-girlfriend Heather—the woman who ruined her Christmas party—but not if Mindy can successfully sabotage her rental application. Meanwhile, Danny faces a moral dilemma when he helps out a childhood friend.
19 119.jpeg My Cool Christian Boyfriend 2 April 2013
Mindy goes to church when she dates a minister, who has to confess that he thinks she's selfish, so she goes along when the practice sponsors a volunteer outing at a women's prison.
20 120.jpeg Pretty Man 4 April 2013
On a night on the town by herself, Mindy meets a handsome man—who just happens to be a prostitute—but the experience could pay off when she needs a date for Danny and Alex's dinner party, so she gives him a "Pretty Woman"-style makeover.
21 121.jpeg Santa Fe 9 April 2013
Before attending a medical conference in New Mexico, Mindy gets a message from her ex-boyfriend Josh, who's relocated to Santa Fe and wants to meet up with her. Meanwhile, Morgan assists Jeremy with an important presentation that could affect his future.
22 122.jpeg Triathlon 30 April 2013
Danny fires Morgan from the practice, and consequently loses a member of the team for the triathlon. Mindy volunteers to replace him, and quickly regrets her actions. Meanwhile, Morgan begins working for the Deslaurier Brothers, which further increases the rivalry between the two practices.
23 123.jpeg Frat Party 7 May 2013
Mindy is upset by Casey's decision to spend a year in Haiti, so she tags along with a premed student she's mentoring to a frat party, where she runs into her ex-boyfriend Tom. Meanwhile, Danny and Jeremy try to steal Morgan back from the midwives.
24 124.jpeg Take Me with You 14 May 2013
In the first-season finale, Mindy decides to go on a volunteer mission to Haiti with Casey, so Danny and his ex-wife throw them the mother of all going-away parties.
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