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Morgan is one of the main characters on Hulu comedy The Mindy Project (2012).

He is portrayed by Ike Barinholtz.


He is a nurse at Mindy Lahiri's obstetric practice. As a teenager, he was incarcerated in Otisville prison for motor vehicle theft, which involved his cousin, Lou Tookers. He is hired to replace the former nurse Beverly after he fixes Mindy's broken nose. He has a tattoo across his abdomen that reads "No More Stealing Cars". He is described as being creepy, but helpful, caring and kind. He has brown hair and dark blue eyes and normally wears a tracksuit everywhere he goes. He can also be harmful and aggressive if he sees anyone harming his friends. He had a vague relationship with Tamara Webb but they soon break up. Morgan believes in only engaging in intercourse after getting to really know a girl. He has very bad people skills, and carries around various odd objects. He is also known for his love of dogs, and has 40 of his own. He also considers himself one of Mindy's best friends.

He is close to Mindy and even agreed to have sexual intercourse with her once for he believed that after he slept with a girl, they would always find true love after. In desperation she sexually harassed which he later sued her for because she hurt his feelings.

His best friend, who he also considers as a brother, is Lou Tookers. After he was put in prison and Morgan was free, he guiltily agreed that Morgan was part of the crime but he never knew about it till later on in the episode yet he still forgave to prove to his friend that he could forgive. He also had a baby with Tamra.


Morgan is subservient to everyone at Shulman and Associates. Most of his personality is defined by his relationship with Mindy. He is very nice, funny, and eager to please.


  • Morgan's cousin turned him in for stealing cars.[1]
  • Morgan forgot to invite his grandmother to his wedding.


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