Mindy and Danny are primarily known as a couple from Hulu comedy, The Mindy Project (2012).

Mindy is portrayed by Mindy Kaling and Danny is portrayed by Chris Messina.

Background Edit

Mindy and Danny initally met during their residency at St. Brendan's Hospital. They initially hated each other but first started to bond in the flashback episode, When Mindy Met Danny, when Danny helped Mindy move her furniture into her office.

Timeline Edit

Enemies Edit

(Season 1, Episode 1-Season 1, Episode 6) Edit

Mindy and Danny disliked each other since the first day of their residency at St. Brendan's. Mindy getting hired at the practice Danny already worked at only made matters worse. Their dislike for one another was sustained with the retirement of Dr. Shulman which made them co-runners of the practice.

Friends Edit

(Season 1, Episode 6-Season 1, Episode 23)

Mindy and Danny slowly become friends. The relationship began to blossom during the first episode of the series when Danny made a joke that Mindy laughed at. Their relationship turned into friendship after Mindy reached out to Danny during the holidays when she sent him a photo on Thanksgiving.

Best Friends Edit

(Season 1, Episode 24-Season 2, Episode 14)

Mindy and Danny began to correspond every day when Mindy moved to Haiti with Casey. Their closeness truly showed when Danny found out that Mindy was sick, and he ran over to the hospital, leaving him a sweaty mess.

Fling Edit

(Season 2, Episode 14-Season 2, Episode 17)

Danny kisses Mindy on their flight home from their business trip to Los Angeles, which starts their fling. It abruptly ends when Danny tells Mindy he doesn't want to date her because he's afraid of what might happen if they break-up.

Co-Workers Edit

(Season 2, Episode 18-Season 2, Episode 21)

When Danny ends the fling with Mindy, the two return to being strangers. Mindy no longer shares her thoughts, issues or happenings with Danny.

Partners Edit

(Season 2, Episode 22-Season 3, Episode 21)

Danny finally works up the courage to win Mindy back in the last episode of the second seasons. The two become stable partners throughout season three and become pregnant near the end of the season.

Engaged Edit

(Season 4, Episode 1-Season 4, Episode 12) Edit

Danny proposes to Mindy when he returns home from asking Mindy's parents, who are in India, for permission. The two stay engaged until tensions

Ex-Partners Edit

(Season 4, Episode 13-Season 4, Episode 14) Edit

Danny breaks off the engagement with Mindy in The Parent Trap, Mindy decides to leave Danny in When Mindy Met Danny, but Mindy doesn't leave Danny until Will They Or Won't They. They tell their co-workers and friends about the demise of their relationship in 2 Fast 2 Serious.

Hook-Up Edit

(Season 4, Episode 15-Season 4, Episode 26) Edit

Mindy and Danny hook up sporatically throughout the season. They finally confront the danger of their situation when they get stuck in their son's school's elavator over the weekend.

Co-Parents Edit

(Season 5, Episode 1-Season 6, Episode 9) Edit

Danny and Mindy co-parent Leo and look after him when it's their turn. There is almost no contact between the two, presumably because it would be too painful.

Partners, Possibly Engaged Edit

(Season 6, Episode 10) Edit

Mindy emphasizes her happily-ever-after marriage throughout the series, so an engagement can be assumed after the reconcillation of Danny and Mindy.

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