Mindy Lahiri and Cliff Gilbert are primarily known as a couple from The Mindy Project (2012).

Mindy is portrayed by Mindy Kaling and Cliff is portrayed by Glenn Howerton.

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Mindy and Cliff worked in the same building in New York City for years before they initially met. They first met when Mindy tripped over Cliff's mail in the doorway of the entrance of the building. Mindy tried to sue Cliff, but she quickly realized he was a lawyer and that would be impossible.

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Cliff broke up with Mindy when she was away in Los Angeles for a business trip because she met up with her ex-boyfriend, Casey. Although the pair did not hook-up, Cliff cited lack of trust as the reason for the break-up. Mindy, with the help of Danny, wrote him a letter on the plane ride back. Cliff decided to forgive her, but Mindy realizes she has been in love with Danny all along.

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Mindy and Cliff did not like each other at first because Mindy tried to sue Cliff for leaving his mail outside on the building door-step. She quickly admitted to going through his mail, which gave him more of a reason to sue her, versus her suing him.