Tu es une boule de feu, je t'aime Danny est un personnage principal de la comédie Hulu, The Mindy Project (2012). Le garçon Danny, je t'aime.

He is portrayed by Chris Messina. Who is that?joe momma

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Danny Castellano was born in 1974 and raised in Staten Island, a borough of New York City.  He comes from a working-class family.  His mother worked long hours as a maid cleaning Hotel rooms; his father's occupation is unknown, as he left the family when Danny was 13.

Danny est diplômé du Collège des médecins et chirurgiens de l'Université Columbia. Il a ensuite terminé sa résidence en obstétrique et gynécologie à New York avec les docteurs Mindy Lahiri et Jeremy Reed; il était considéré par le Dr Shulman comme le meilleur résident. Après sa résidence, il a été embauché par le Dr Marc Shulman en tant que partenaire du cabinet Shulman & Associates. Il n'a pas d'enfants de ce mariage. Ses pensées sur le divorce sont négatives avec Christina.

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Danny est franc, honnête et franc. Il est également extrêmement arrogant au point d'être insolent et d'être considéré comme l'homme le plus intelligent de la pièce. Il se décrit comme un "bonté". On se décrit comme les relations personnelles de Danny sont facilitées en biais du lieu de travail et il participe souvent aux conversations personnelles, malgré sa position.  

Il a une personnalité très forte et intense, capable de dépasser les personnalités moins affirmées. il est préférable de tempérer par quelqu'un qui a un caractère tout aussi fort et affirmé. Il est très vocal dans ses yeux (à Mindy) et se présente souvent comme imbécile. Malgré cela, il se soucie beaucoup de son entourage et est très loyal et fiable.

Although Danny is often a jerk, he is capable of tenderness and kindness towards those he cares deeply about. His actions do not always translate well, but they usually come from a place of good-heartedness and caring.


Mindy Lahiri Edit

(also see Danny and Mindy)

Danny and Mindy met while working together. They initially hated each other but grew to tolerate, befriends, and fall in love with each other. They do break up after dating for a few years but still frequently see each other due to their son, Leo. At the end of season 6, they do get back together.


  • Danny started working at Shulman's Women's Health Associates before Mindy and Jeremy.
  • Danny likes baseball. His favorite team is the Yankees, and he listens to their games on his little radio.
  • Il aime boxer.
  • Danny keeps an electronic keyboard in his office and is teaching himself how to play. He practices on it during the work day when he is sad or upset.
  • Danny likes jazz music, Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton, and Bob Dylan. He does not listen to Rihanna.
  • He refuses to do the Christmas Party playlists ever since Mindy deemed him a "party-Hitler" for putting no Rihanna on the playlist and 3 hours of Bob Dylan.
  • Danny got into a fistfight with a man who wore a John t-shirt to a Springsteen show.
  • Danny wrote a letter to his ex-wife and drew a picture of their unborn child, which he kept hidden in his desk drawer until Morgan mailed it.
  • Mindy suspects that Danny's condo looks like a smoky speakeasy where old men go to complain about technology.
  • Mindy and Danny share part of their route home. Sometimes they ride the subway together.
  • Danny occasionally rides his bike to work.
  • He has an ab roller in his office that he likes to work out on sometimes.
  • Danny did not get his driver's license until he was 38; all the workers at the DMV know him because he took the test several times. Jeremy was the only him, other person in the office who knew where he was going.
  • Danny views cars as the ultimate symbol of freedom, as they allow a man to take off whenever and wherever.
  • Danny is an excellent dancer. His mother enrolled him in dance lessons when he was little, something he got into a lot of fights over.
  • Danny chose to spend his Thanksgiving alone in the office, practicing on his keyboard.
  • One of Danny's favorite shows is Deadliest Catch.
  • Danny is skilled at building gingerbread houses and possibly has a hidden artistic streak.
  • Danny likes building things with his hands. He also does not following directions.
  • Danny has read up to "Catching Fire," which is Book 2 of the Hunger Games Trilogy.
  • Danny is a terriblyfie liar and will sweat when voicing deception.
  • Il a récupéré sa dernière petite amie ("Eyepatch") aux urgences.
  • Danny likes to stick to a set routine and is not overly spontaneous; he balks at performances with odd twists to them or meals scheduled at odd times.
  • Danny est jaloux de la marque Jeremy.
  • Danny wept his favorite sub-sandwich shop closed.
  • Danny went to high school with some of the guys who play the song "Stomp Da Roach (Remix)"
  • Danny was a stripper called Diamond Dan during med school order to pay for school and pay off his mother's mortgage.

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