Cliff is a recurring character on Hulu comedy, The Mindy Project (2012).

He is portrayed by Glenn Howerton.

Background Edit

In season 2 Cliff and Mindy date until she leaves him for Danny.

In season 3 When Mindy has legal trouble with her taxes she contacts Cliff who at first refuses to help her as he is still angry and hurt by her. Mindy pretends her and Danny broke up in hopes that he will help her. When Cliff believes they are broken up he agrees to help her and trust to get back with her but then he finds out that Mindy and Danny aren't broken up and he gets very angry and no longer wants to help. Danny begs Cliff to help Mindy with with her tax trouble and also for him to help Danny with his divorce that he has yet legally divorced despite the fact that he has been separated for a long time. At first Cliff says no in till Danny gives him he Yankee stadium seat. Cliff than agrees to help but then he reveals he did not want the seat because he is a Yankee fan but then he wants it to burn it since he Red Sox fan.

In season 6 Cliff is back to help Mindy with her divorce despite the fact that he hates her. After helping Mindy with her divorce he accidentally reveals that he is also helping Danny get a divorce.

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  • Cliff's mom's name is Ellen but all her friends call her 'Cookie.'

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